PDS Kerosene (SKO)


Public Distribution System (PDS) Kerosene is an allocated and subsidized product. It is distributed to the customers through the Public Distribution System (PDS) network (Ration shop) of the State Governments / Union Territories (UT).

The quarterly allocation of PDS Kerosene to States / UTs are made by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MOP&NG), Government of India. The quantity of PDS Kerosene allocated per Ration card holder is decided by concerned State Governments / UTs.

Information pertaining to supplies of PDS Kerosene to Kerosene dealers from all HPCL supply locations are made available on this website on real time basis. This proactive disclosure of supplies of this subsidized petroleum product ensures transparency and enables citizens to be aware of actual supplies made by HPCL.

Salient features of the PDS Kerosene Dispatch Portal

An User friendly Portal has been developed for accessing PDS SKO dispatch details. Salient features of the Portal are:

  • Universal access - No password required
  • Data for previous 60 days available for view. Use calendar to select date
  • Real time supply details to all dealers under the selected District can be viewed
  • Option to select specific dealer using drop down menu also available
  • Option to view either by Invoice Date or Dealer name using Radio button
  • Data will be displayed for selected date and the previous 7 days
  • Details available: Dealer’s name and address, contact number, supply location, invoice number, date and time, Dispatch quantity and Tank Truck number

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